Lavender Angora Spa Footies

Product image 1Lavender Angora Spa Footies
Product image 2Lavender Angora Spa Footies
Product image 3Lavender Angora Spa Footies

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Next-level pampering. 

Ok look, we're constantly on the move - making things happen, building businesses, helping people, running our families. Our dreams and our work are endless. So when it's time to be still and recuperate, even if it's just a for a few moments, slide your tootsies into these footies. Heat them in the microwave or tumble dryer and let the moist heat and lavender scent relax your sore feet and make your whole body feel warm - because let's be honest, when your feet are warm, so is the rest of your body. Oh, what's that you say? You're ready for some next-level pampering? Ok...try applying lotion or Lavender Foot Balm to your feet and placing plastic baggies over them before putting them into your warm footies. Just go ahead and reschedule any plans you thought you had for the rest of the evening. And are you ready for the icing on the cake? You can remove the lavender inserts and throw the footies into the washing machine!

Here's the scoop:

  • One size fits most, up to a ladies size 10
  • Heat in microwave or tumble dryer; chill in the freezer
  • Footie covers are removable and washable; wash in cold water on delicate cycle; no/low heat to dry, no fabric softener
  • Do not wash lavender insert
  • Made in the USA
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