You are an amazing woman, your dreams are worth pursuing, and your peace is important. If it brings you calm, feels cozy, or provides inspiration on your path to achieving your dreams and goals, I’ll discover it for you. You can count on Mindful Grit to find products that help you cultivate an intentional and inspired life.


Why I'm here…

In 2016, I endured a week’s torture of head-to-toe hives. My body felt like it was on fire, I couldn’t stop itching, and mentally, I was little loopy because I couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep. Like, at all. Ultimately, my doctor concluded that this episode was completely stress-induced – and to be honest, it made sense. All the signs were there, and instead of paying attention, I was simply trying to push through. Once recovered, I vowed to make some changes in my life that would help me manage my stress and feelings – because not doing life wasn’t an option. Without any previous experience, I began incorporating a mindful meditation practice into my daily routine. I simply learned as I went, and the benefits were life-changing. To me, mindful awareness is largely focusing on my breath, letting thoughts come and go and noticing how my body feels at any moment. I now have tools I can use anywhere, at any time, to help me navigate whatever life throws at me. As a bonus, I’ve become more intentional in all areas of my life and I’m more compassionate toward others. I hope my experience encourages other women to learn to practice mindfulness and prioritize their own self-care so they can keep crushing it at life.

Because I feel so strongly about the benefits of mindfulness and the resiliency and power of women, I donate a portion of Mindful Grit’s yearly profits to organizations that teach mindfulness to school children and help women escape from and thrive after domestic violence. I am immensely grateful for your business so I can help support these meaningful causes.


Katie Berg, Founder

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