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I know you work hard for your money, and the fact that you choose to spend it at Mindful Grit means the world to me. Your purchases allow me to keep following my dream of building a business that makes an impact not only on its customers, but also on people in need. So, to show my appreciation for you, I created Gratitude Perks as a way for you to earn discounts on purchases and get some insider scoop. All you need to do to become (and stay) eligible is opt-in to receive marketing emails and make a purchase on mindfulgrit.com. Once you do that, you can start earning:

Gratitude PerksYou might have questions...here are some answers:

Who's eligible for Gratitude Perks?

Gratitude Perks are for individual retail customers. Simply opt in to marketing emails (either at checkout, through the website pop-up, or on the home page) and make a purchase online. Once you do that, your first purchase will count towards your Gratitude Perks. Business customers are not eligible for Gratitude Perks. 

Will I ever become ineligible for Gratitude Perks?

Being opted in to marketing emails is a requirement for earning Gratitude Perks. If you decide to unsubscribe from marketing emails at some point in the future, any purchases you make on mindfulgrit.com after that will no longer count towards Gratitude Perks.

Can I earn and redeem Gratitude Perks at your brick and mortar locations?

No, Gratitude Perks can only be earned from online purchases and can only be redeemed for online purchases. 

When did Gratitude Perks start?

Gratitude Perks became effective on October 1, 2020. Purchases prior to October 1, 2020 are not eligible to count towards Gratitude Perks. 

How do you calculate my total spend?

Total spend will be calculated based on the total dollar amount of your orders in a given month, minus any shipping or tax. 

When do you calculate and send any earned discounts?

Gratitude Perks calculations will be done at the end of each quarter and any earned discounts will be sent to you via email the first month of the next quarter. 

How long do I continue to earning Gratitude Perks discounts?

Gratitude Perks will reset at the end of each calendar year, or once you've reached a total $500 spend - whichever comes first. So any purchases made in January of each year, will count towards a $5 off discount for your first $75 spend. If you have any unused discounts that you earned in the previous year, you will have until January 31 of the next year to use them before they expire. 

How will I receive the discounts I've earned as part of Gratitude Perks?

Any discounts earned will be emailed to you in the form of a discount code that can be applied to a future purchase on mindfulgrit.com. 

Can I redeem my discount codes for cash?

No, discount codes may only be applied to orders placed on the mindfulgrit.com website.

What happens if I don't use one of my discount codes before I qualify for another discount code due to additional purchases?

Your discount codes will be cumulative. For instance, if you did not spend your first $5 off discount before you earned another $5 off discount code, I'll send you a new $10 off discount code and your previous $5 off discount code will be deactivated. This will continue until you've reached your maximum amount of discounts allowed in Gratitude Perks. Any unused Gratitude Perks discounts will expire on January 31 of the next calendar year. 
Do my Gratitude Perks discounts expire?
Yes, unused Gratitude Perks discounts will expire on January 31 of the next calendar year.
What happens when I've earned the maximum amount of Gratitude Perks discounts?
You will only be able to earn Gratitude Perks discounts up to a total spend of $500. At that point, your Gratitude Perks will "reset" and you'll earn a $5 off discount for the next $75 you spend after you've reached a $500 spend. 
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